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why Zen Olive?

In the 2020 harvest we have managed to get a 0.4 acidity with a 1:8 olive to oil ratio of extra virgin olive oil.

We collect our olives in early to mid October depending on the year's climate. When our olives start to turn their color, we start our harvest and try to finish collection as short as 10 days.

We manage our economy to put back as much of the profit back into our land. We want to leave as much of the yield of our land for the grandchildren of our great-grandchildren who will also one day take a step to manage.

We only collect our olives as early harvest. We have our olives processed in a short distance, local factory that we trust and check for a clean and honest process.

We keep most of our olive oil in a steel tank at the factory, to keep it as fresh throughout the year. We partially stock it in our central warehouse.

We believe that olive oil should be found in every home and on every table.

We started our journey with our father’s dream- investing in the rich and fertile land of the North Aegean region of Turkey and planting olive saplings with the dream of building our 100% family-owned olive farm.

Although our brand, ZEN Olive was established in 2018, our family’s passion and research efforts on olive trees and olive oil production date back to 2004. Although there were many neighboring lands with elder olive trees on them, we decided to plant our trees on an empty land.

We have purchased certified olive saplings and individually planted every single one of them in 2004 and looked after them ever since.

Since 2018, we have been producing early harvest, cold-pressed, high quality extra virgin olive oil and distributing across Turkey’s finest retailers.



Ahmet Edip Önder who has dedicated his career to building a successful trading company in the iron and steel industry, has decided to pursue his love of nature and to invest in a rich and fruitful land in Ayvalik, North Aegean region of Turkey in 2004.
Due to this early departure, we, as his descendants, have decided to make his dream come true by creating our brand and continuing his efforts.

Although he could not do the olive oil business, which he wanted to deal with in retirement, since he left us early in 2013, we continue this business, which he started in 2004, with the inheritance trees he left us and the honest working principles he embraced. At the end of 14 years, this effort was exerted and the first online sale of olive oil from trees that continue to be consumed came to life with the courage he instilled in us.